Rochester Terrorism Cases Likely Shared Same Informant

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Politics

CS-2 has been busy.

Rochester’s two recent high-profile terrorism-related arrests apparently share a common denominator — an informant, known as CS-2, who worked for the FBI in the arrests of both Mufid Elfgeeh and Emanuel Lutchman.

Elfgeeh, a Rochester pizza shop owner, has pleaded guilty to recruiting for the terrorist network, the Islamic State. Lutchman was arrested Wednesday and accused of an ISIS-inspired plot to abduct or kill patrons at a Rochester bar on New Year’s Eve.

FBI spokeswoman Maureen Dempsey declined to discuss the Lutchman investigation or to comment about whether an informant, also referred to as a confidential source, in the two cases is the same, but court papers make clear that he likely is.

And the informant’s activities could add to a refrain that has become common after similar FBI arrests of alleged terrorist sympathizers: Was the target of the investigation a true threat and terrorist sympathizer or was he instead pushed toward an illegal plot by informants paid by federal law enforcement?

More @ [Democrat & Chronicle]

  1. Steinfeld says:

    Most all terrorism is manufactured by the FBI and US government like 911 and the Murrow bldg. bombings. Through this so called terrorism we will remove the peoples rights to more easily perpetrate genocide upon them and usher in our new world Satanic order. We destroyed Germany now all the rest of the white race must perish so that we the chosen people can rule in tyranny for eternity. Resistance is futile soon you will all come crawling begging at our feet to worship and serve us for all eternity.


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