The Mossad Caucus Exposed

Posted: January 1, 2016 in Politics

That the very same people who support surveillance of Americans and vehemently denounce efforts by civil libertarians to end the NSA’s scooping up our data indiscriminately are now screaming foul when confronted with their own canoodling with Israeli foreign agents is the kind of hypocrisy we have come to expect from this crowd. Spying on ordinary Americans is fine with them, but when it comes to stopping Israeli espionage – well, that’s just not cool.

Yet a broader point needs to be made. These people have inverted the proper role of government surveillance: they support it when it involves spying on, say,, as revealed in this FBI memo. But when it comes to perfectly legitimate targets of such intelligence gathering – such as the efforts of a hostile foreign power aimed at scotching delicate negotiations – they’re against it.

And they know perfectly well what they’re doing. Marco Rubio joined his neoconservative backers in denouncing the US “spying on our allies,” and even averred it might be “worse than some people might think,” but in private he defended the surveillance.

More @ [Anti-War]

  1. Chris chaffee says:

    Two families are using elf and DEW these families are illegally targeting cia families and relatives and demanding immunity for their terroism they are targeting some congressman also please contact me at 979-333-0166 I know the families that are doing this they are using electronic warfare devices also. This is a national security acts and laws these families are breaking a pineo family from sterling Massachusetts a mike pineo and his two sons and a lindholm family they also use haarpa on people, these families lied to the FBI these families houses have very high emp waves . This is a national things that needs to be adress please these families can be brought in for terroism and they always deny a lie dietector test.


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