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Footage shows Houthi rebels targeting Saudi Arabian Tanks with guided missile in the Border Region between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Newly released footage shows Kurdish YPG fighters in battle with ISIS militants inside of Kobane. The fighting erupted after militants infiltrated and attacked the city from 3 sides by using civilian cars and YPG uniforms to sneak inside the town.

It is unclear how ISIS fighters managed to get inside the town since all the surrounding area and villages are under YPG control according to Kurdish statements.

The Kurds actually accuse Turkey for being behind the recent attack by letting ISIS militants infiltrate the town from their side of the border.

Fighting newly inflamed after Kurdish YPG troops took full control over the town at the end of January after heavy clashes in a four-month siege.

Daraa, Syria 2015. Syrian rebels filmed the moment a Syrian army mortar round landed just inches away from a Free Syrian Army fighter behind a mound. The rebel surives the close call and still holds his position afterwards. The mound probably saved his life.

Footage released by Iraqi parmilitary units shows them during the battle for the town of Baiji, Iraq.

Heavy clashes were filmed and Iraqi paramilitary advanced towards the positions held by militants.

The footage shows the launch and impact of TOS-1 on to militants positions and heavy street fighting inside of Baiji.

Baiji is a city of about 200,000 inhabitants in northern Iraq and is located some 130 miles north of Baghdad, on the main road to Mosul.

It is a major industrial centre best known for its oil refinery, the biggest in Iraq, and has a large power plant. With regards to transport in the area, Baiji is a junction of the national railway network.

A car bomb blast and attacks by IS militants in the Syrian border town of Kobane has taken the lives of at least 12 people and wounded 70 today, hospital officials say.

According to Kurdish YPG officials IS started fresh attacks from three sides of the town also using a car bomb hidden as civilian car inside of the town.

The explosion was filmed by CCTV cameras from multiple angels as the footage shows.

Fighting newly enflamed after Kurdish YPG troops took full control over the town at the end of January after a four-month siege.