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The book, “The Law“, he is holding reads like it was written yesterday even though it was written in 1850.

The man who first published plans for a 3D-printed gun has sued the State Department for threatening him into taking down the code – arguing that the government has violated his right to free speech online.

In 2013, Cody Wilson fired the world’s first 3D-printed gun, a single-shot plastic handgun, on a remote ranch in his home state of Texas. Shortly afterward the 25-year-old posted instructions online for “the Liberator”, as he called the gun, and the State Department promptly threatened criminal charges and massive fines for his having possibly broken the export rules surrounding weapons and military technology.

Two years later, Wilson’s company Defense Distributed has allied with first and second amendment lawyers and sued in federal court. They argue that the published plans – nothing more than code – fall squarely within Wilson’s right to free expression, and that the State Department has put a prior restraint on his right.

By extension, they argue that by censoring code that can create a gun the State Department has violated the right to bear and manufacture arms.

“This case is about far more than the subject of firearms,” said Alan Gura, the attorney leading the lawsuit and a former deputy attorney general of California. “Congress has all kinds of authority to regulate foreign commerce and if posting something on the internet isn’t protected by the first amendment then we have far less freedom than the framers intended us to have.”

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