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A witness told police that two of the distinct white and light blue cars from the Car2Go fleet had fled the scene after 22-year-old Daerius Churchill was gunned down Jan. 4 on the corner of Bruce Randolph Avenue and St. Paul Street.

A surveillance camera at a nearby business recorded three of the vehicles in the area, according to a search warrant affidavit.

Officials with Car2Go in Denver told detectives that GPS tracking systems on the car allow them to identify which cars are moving at any given time, the search warrant said. That should have narrowed the list to investigate.

However, the detective wrote in his affidavit that he and the Car2Go manager uncovered multiple cars that had been rented under fictitious names through a call center.

The company told police it records phone conversations between its representatives and customers. It also logs the caller ID numbers, the search warrant affidavit said.

Car2Go customers are vetted through an online application process, said Dacyl Armendariz, a company spokeswoman.

“It’s not like just anybody can jump in a car and drive away,” she said.

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Part of the robbery was captured on air, showing a man hitting KNTV-TV camera operator Alan Waples with a gun.

Video shows the gunman approach Waples and put a gun to his head while reporter Kris Sanchez pleads for him not to shoot, the Chronicle reported.

Waples was flung to the ground and struck with the gun.

The gunman reportedly fled the scene in a BMW with the crews’ cameras and tripods.


WORCESTER, Mass. — A Worcester man will face federal child pornography charges after his arrest by FBI agents Tuesday.

Scott Peeler was arrested at his home at 28 Trinity Ave. in Worcester on Tuesday, the FBI confirmed.

Peeler faces charges of attempted production of child pornography; attempted receipt of child pornography; attempted coercion and enticement of a minor; and attempted possession of child pornography, according to the U.S. Attorney’s office.

Peeler will be arraigned in Worcester Federal Court on Tuesday.

Witnesses said they saw investigators carrying computer drives, bags, totes and videotapes out of the home.

You either commit a crime or you don’t. My guess is that he was targeted because he stumbled upon a honeypot. Maybe he made a joke in an online chat. Or maybe an online company alerted the FEDs over keywords in a search. So when the FBI online agents couldn’t coerce him into crossing the line into actual child pornography, probably after a lengthy time of tactics, they threw their hands up and charged him with “attempting”. Is “attempt” the same as “thought”?

Looks like the local press was briefed before the arrest as well. This is the guilty until proven innocent tactic. What’s next? You’re arrested for attempting to buy an illegal knife because the knife you searched is illegal in your state? See the pattern here.

Meanwhile, Barney Frank, a U.S. congressman at the time, ran an underage homosexual brothel out of his Washington DC residence is still walking free and raping little boys.

Source: [WCVB5]