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(CN) – Shareholder concerns about gun violence do not “transcend” Wal-Mart’s interest in managing its daily business operations, including its decision to sell assault rifles, the Third Circuit ruled Monday.

Three months after vacating an injunction against Wal-Mart, the federal appeals court explained why the superstore’s 2015 proxy materials need not include a proposal advocating for board oversight of dangerous products.

Trinity Wall Street, a large Episcopal parish in New York City and one of the wealthiest religious institutions in America, had sought such relief as an owner of Wal-Mart stock.

Claiming that it wants to use its investment portfolio to advance its values, particularly focusing on the reduction of violence, the church sought to include a proposal in Wal-Mart’s proxy materials regarding sales of the Bushmaster AR-15, a high-capacity rifle.

Dubbed “The Most Wanted Gun in America” by The New York Times in 2013, the AR-15 is the civilian version of the military’s standard M-16 rifle.

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A federal judge has ordered that the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence pay the legal fees of an online ammunition dealer it sued for the Aurora movie theater shooting.

The order, which was issued last week, comes after Judge Richard P. Matsch dismissed the gun control group’s suit that sought to hold Lucky Gunner legally responsible for the 2012 shooting. The Brady Center had argued in their suit that the way Lucky Gunner sells ammunition is “unreasonably dangerous and create a public nuisance.”

Judge Matsch disagreed with the Brady Center’s argument. He said the suit was filed for propaganda purposes. “It is apparent that this case was filed to pursue the political purposes of the Brady Center and, given the failure to present any cognizable legal claim, bringing these defendants into the Colorado court where the prosecution of James Holmes was proceeding appears to be more of an opportunity to propagandize the public and stigmatize the defendants than to obtain a court order,” he said in his order.

The company said it would donate that money to a number of gun rights groups and has set up a website to allow its customers to vote on how to distribute the funds.

The case is now pending appeal.

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Stephen Sweeney

A pro-gun rights group was scrambling late Friday afternoon after it was told it could no longer use the Mantua Township venue the group claims it reserved two months ago for a rally to kick off a recall effort against state Senate President Stephen Sweeney.

Alexander Roubian, president of the New Jersey Second Amendment Society, was making calls at about 6 p.m. on Friday, trying to seal up another spot to host 500 to 800 fellow gun rights advocates after Total Turf sports complex allegedly told Roubian he could no longer hold his event at the venue on Saturday.

“I rented the entire arena,” Roubian said, noting that he had also put money down to reserve space at the complex.

Greg DiBernardo, member of the NJSAS, said Total Turf canceled on the group at about 1:30 p.m. on Friday.

Roubian was outraged and believed Sweeney was somehow involved.

“Isn’t it convenient that an hour after we posted the location of our event on Facebook, (Total Turf) told us we could no longer have it there,” Roubian said.

Efforts to reach Total Turf and Sweeney were unsuccessful Friday afternoon.

The group initially planned to use Total Turf as a place to mobilize before heading out to gather the 30,000 signatures needed for a recall.

“This venue was the rally point,” DiBernardo said.

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The State of NY released the “assault weapon” registration numbers as ordered by a court and I can understand why Cuomo didn’t want these numbers out there.

Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace asked Republican panel member Karl Rove “How do we stop the violence?” in reference to the Charleston, South Carolina church shooting by Dylann Storm Roof that occurred on June the 17th, 2015.

Karl Rove responded that to “reduce acts of violence involving guns is to basically remove guns from society”.