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A 64-year-old Manhattan man has been arrested, accused of calling in nearly a dozen bomb threats targeting Kennedy Airport travelers and police officers over the course of 16 days in June, authorities say.

The Morningside Heights man made 11 calls to 911 from June 9 through June 24 to say he was planting chemical bombs and explosives containing nails at JFK.

In one call placed just after 7 a.m. on June 18, the suspect allegedly told 911 he had three chemical bombs in a BMW and would drive to JFK, saying: “I am going to kill a lot of people at the airport today. It’s a pleasure to kill.”

He called again at about 8 a.m. to allegedly say: “Muslims are on their way to place a bomb at JFK today.”

Then on June 21, the suspect call 911 and said it was his mission to kill police officers, prosecutors said.

On June 24, he allegedly told 911: “I have a naked police officer in the basement. I am going to kill a lot of officers tonight. I have three bombs I want to place at JFK Airport.”

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A Wirral, England teenager has been arrested as part of an FBI investigation into bomb hoaxes in the United States.

Officers from Titan, the North West’s regional organized crime unit, joined Merseyside Police in a dawn raid on the 16-year-old’s home address in Bidston shortly after 7am this morning on suspicion of several offenses believe to have been committed via Skype, Twitter, MSN Messenger and email.

A number of computers and mobile phones were seized on the premises as part of the arrest warrant while the boy was taken into custody by detectives from Titan for questioning..

The arrest comes as a result of information shared with Titan by the FBI following a series of incidents in the United States where schools, universities, news media organizations, airports, airlines were targeted.

Between September 4th last year and April 10th this year, a large number of bomb hoax communications were sent by an unknown person to schools and universities in Michigan as well as airlines and airports in the US.

The threats were largely made on Twitter and during a period in January several flights had to be grounded and two others escorted by military jets due to threats made on social media.

As well as the bomb hoax allegations, the 16-year-old will also be spoken to about a series of ‘swatting’ offenses committed by an unknown person against police departments and airports in the United States between October 29th last year and March 26th.

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