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The bullet holes punched into the center mass of this pistol-packing suburban soccer mom weren’t fired by ISIS terrorists preparing for a shopping-mall assault, or by local cops training against an active shooter at the local school. They were fired by a Marine during special operations “realistic military training,” or RMT, in Gulfport, Mississippi.

The training was called Raven 15-03, and took place at locations across the Gulf Coast of United States in February in order to give the 3rd Marine Special Operations Battalion a chance to practice “helicopter-borne and vessel-borne insertion, breaching techniques, fast-roping, and close-quarters battle techniques” in “populated environments,” according to a Marine Corps press release. The release didn’t address the details of the “realistic” scenario dreamed up by the Marine Special Operations Command that involved gunning down a married civilian woman with a recent manicure.

Realistic military training in which military forces leave their bases and practice how to kill people out in the real world are a relatively recent phenomenon. One such exercise of this group, Jade Helm, has been seized on recently by right-wing paranoids who suspect that Barack Obama is using it to rehearse an invasion of Texas. But here’s the thing: They’re not altogether wrong.

What knucklehead decided that for Raven 15-03, an appropriate shooting target should be a soccer mom! And who decided that, despite owning 31 million acres—48,000 square miles—the military now needs to skulk around off-base because it would be more realistic to operate amongst the “civilian population,” also known as America?

No one decided. It just happened. And then the shit hit the fan. And that is good.

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A not-small group of Americans thinks Barack Obama is considering an armed invasion of the Southwestern States, making it the first time in history a leader would attempt to conquer something he already controls. They write lots and lots of angry letters.

Thanks to the curse of ubiquitous wifi, the large, innocuous training exercise known as JADE HELM ‘15 went from InfoWars meme to MSNBC fodder in no time at all. The catalyst was Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who indulged his state’s paranoid population by ordering the Texas State Guard to “monitor” the U.S. Army. After his announcement, I submitted a Freedom of Information Act request to his office for emails pertaining to Jade Helm (I can’t keep putting that in caps), and received hundreds of pages of emails from furious constituents, xenophobes, conspiracy theorists, and manic caps-lock devotees.

“I do not trust our president” – Burleston, TX
"I DO NOT TRUST BARAK OBAMA": The Paranoid Emails of Jade Helm 15

“Not since Ronald Regan have the people a reason to rejoice and be proud of their leader” – Corpus Christi, TX
"I DO NOT TRUST BARAK OBAMA": The Paranoid Emails of Jade Helm 15

Flower Mound, TX
"I DO NOT TRUST BARAK OBAMA": The Paranoid Emails of Jade Helm 15

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