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Now that a US federal court has ruled that the NSA’s mass wiretapping program exceeded its legal authority, leaders of the US Republican party are pushing to make it legal.

Section 215 is due to expire on June 1 unless Congress acts to reauthorize it. McConnell already has legislation in the pipeline to do just that. But other lawmakers want to use the opportunity to reform the rules and rein in some of the NSA’s activities, with many supporting the USA Freedom Act.

McConnell said the USA Freedom Act would put American lives at risk by putting a wall between the NSA and the data it needs. If it became law, telecommunications companies would only hand over their customers’ data when the NSA explicitly asks for it – a policy McConnell decried as allowing “untrained corporate employees” to handle the information.

Richard Burr (R-NC), the current head of the Senate Intelligence Committee, concurred. Burr argues that Section 215 is vital to stopping another 9/11-style attack and that its surveillance provisions are less intrusive than a supermarket membership card.

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