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Cops in North Carolina say they have detained a man walking through a mall with an assault rifle, a bulletproof vest, and multiple rounds of ammunition.

Lt. Todd Joyce said the man was detained at the entrance of the Cross Creek Mall in Fayetteville (home of Fort Bragg) on Thursday evening after first being spotted in a Macy’s store at the shopping center. The store was evacuated and some other businesses in the mall closed their doors briefly while officers searched the rest of the mall for a second armed person. No one else was found.

Joyce said the man was in custody and that charges were pending. He did not release any other details, including the man’s identity, or whether he was believed to have posed any threat.


A Fort Bragg soldier with an AR-15 assault-type rifle wearing a military ballistic panel carrier and carrying multiple rifle ammunition magazines caused a busy Cross Creek Mall to lock down Thursday night.

Bryan Scott Wolfinger, 25, was charged early this morning with going armed to the terror of the public. He told police he was preparing to have photographs taken with military equipment when 911 calls sent Fayetteville police to the mall.

Wolfinger was processed at the Cumberland County Detention Center and was released to his company commander and provost marshal at Fort Bragg.

Follow up from an earlier post:

Seattle, WA – A man who was enjoying his 2nd Amendment right at the Seattle May Day March (2015) started out by giving interviews to various news agencies and talking with people in the crowd before the march. All seemed to be going well. Reporters interviewed the man, identified as Shayne Butts, and curious people asked the him questions about open carry and his philosophies behind it.
Not long after Butt’s arrival however, a few people took exception to the fact that he was there, and armed with a legally open carried firearm. They proceeded to accuse Butts of being racist, antagonistic and yelled at him to leave the march. Butts, remained calm and respectfully asserted that he had as much right to be there as they did and wished to stay.

Still do not know his outcome.