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Waco, Texas – The Waco Twin Peaks biker massacre case just took an extremely ominous, and seemingly corrupt turn. A police detective for the Waco Police Department was selected to serve as the head of the 12 person grand jury, which is likely to decide who gets indicted in the case.

Detective James Head, a 26-year police veteran, was wearing his police badge and pistol when he was sworn in Wednesday, according to the Waco Tribune-Herald.

When asked by the Waco Tribune-Herald if he had played a role in the Twin Peaks investigation, Head responded, “Not really.” With Head going on to admit that his selection was kind of “unusual.”


The Guardian has logged every police killing in America this year, and, as of 1 July 2015, 547 people have been killed by law enforcement. (This video shows the figures up to 29 June 2015, when 545 had been killed.) Of those, the vast majority were shot dead despite more than one in five of these victims being unarmed. Black people have been disproportionately killed, at a rate twice that of white and Hispanic/Latino people.

Source: [The Guardian]


WACO — The Twin Peaks surveillance video will not be shared to the public. Judge Matt Johnson said Tuesday morning that he will allow the defense to view video but a protective order will be placed on it. Johnson went on to say that the video cannot be viewed by the public in any way, shape or form.

The city of Waco was in court on Tuesday morning to fight the release of the surveillance video.

During the hearing, it was argued that the video should not be released due to the potential interference during the Waco Police Department’s investigation.

Matthew Clendennen’s Attorney Clint Broden argued that he needed the video for his case.

Judge Johnson entered a gag order in the case, which will limit only the defense and state attorneys from discussing the case in the media.

Source: [KCEN]

Wood told Radley Balko at The Washington Post that he learned to adopt an “us vs. them” mentality early on in his policing career: “It’s ingrained in you that this is a war, and if someone isn’t wearing a uniform, they’re the enemy,” said Wood. “It just becomes part of who you are, of how you do your job. And when all you’re doing is responding to calls, you’re only seeing the people in these neighborhoods when there’s conflict. So you start to assume that conflict is all there is. Just bad people doing bad things.”

There’s a particular unit [of cops that urinate and defecate in the homes of suspects, even on their beds and their clothes]. It’s their calling card. Everyone knew it. Any cop who has worked in Baltimore knows about it. You definitely won’t find a cop who has done the raids who hasn’t heard about it. They usually blame it on the dog. But everyone knows it goes on. Outside of that unit it happened, but it was rarer.

Source: [Canada Journal]

Today, Stephen “Bowtie” Stubbs released the lng awaited statement from the Bandido Nation regarding Waco. The people who were put in jail have been released only under gag orders which state they cannot talk to media or other bikers. a few of them have anonymously sent me their eye witness testimonies. To, me they verify every word the Bandidos have said.. A lot of people have called me a liar. The news sources can’t report “second hand information.” I don’t know how someone getting out of jail and reporting a story to me isn’t just as viable as reporting on videos nobody has seen? He stated he didn’t see the videos but made extended synopsis on what was on them. I guess its okay to use selective second hand information.

The Bandido statement says this happened:

1) The Bandidos were at the Twin Peaks restaurant to attend an organized political meeting…

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OWASSO, Oklahoma – New video just released shows another view of an arrest that led to a complaint about excessive force.

It shows Owasso officer Mike Denton hitting a suspect with a shotgun, even after the suspect was stunned by a Taser.

The officer is on paid suspension and investigators have plenty of video to see what happened.

Source: [newson6]