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After searching through websites, books and watching the news or other shows, I’ve found that there are about a million different threats that could play a role in anyone’s life. Extreme weather, natural disasters, governments, war, and the list goes on. These aren’t only threats to preppers but everyone, prepared or not. Oddly enough when you hear about preppers on popular shows like “Doomsday Preppers”, you hear about how they’re prepared for a specific apocalyptic event that the family being showcased predicts will happen. You would assume that by being prepared for their event du jour that they would also be prepared for anything that could come their way. But it’s not. There are other basic threats specific to preppers that most rarely account for.

Prepper Expenses

Of course, there are always ways to save money on food by becoming an “extreme couponer” and by having what amounts to a warehouse in your home to store it all but usually, it’s best to just know how to do it yourself. One way to cut costs is knowing how to grow your own food. Food that has nutritional value that your family can not just survive on, but thrive on, is key. Also if necessary, knowing how to plant food in inconspicuous or hidden ways could be the difference between life and death because if others know you’re growing a hearty garden, guess whose house they’ll hit first when their supplies are exhausted?

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Los Angeles (AFP) – A washing machine stands in the middle of Maria Jimenez’s California yard, like a redundant relic of modern life. Nearby are several rented mobile toilets, no longer in use.

For four months, she and her family have had no running water.

“We are trying to live a normal life,” the 52-year-old told AFP in the town of Monson, 200 miles north of Los Angeles.

Hers is one of a growing number of generally low-income households with no direct access to water in central California’s Valley, known as America’s food basket, where four years of extreme drought have left many residents high and dry.

Jimenez and her husband use plastic plates and cups in order to save using water for washing the dishes, all the while generating piles of garbage and extra expenses.

To take a shower, they’ve created an elaborate system that pumps bottled water up to the roof of their rented house and back down to the shower head.

But whenever possible, they try to wash at the homes of friends and family.

She also said her family’s livelihood in agriculture was dependent on it, as is the produce they eat.

The problem is specific to California’s agricultural regions.

Cities have sophisticated systems of aqueducts and other supply routes to bring water from northern California or from the Colorado River to the east.

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Save Weight, Save Money, Save Your Life with this Simple to Build, $2 Bug Out / Survival Shelter Made from… Yep, You Guessed It… a Simple 55 Gallon Trash / Garbage Bag.

This EDC shelter is perfect for bug out bags, emergency and survival kits, backyard camping and as a back up to your tent.

A non-profit organization called “Roots Up” has designed a greenhouse that collects moisture from the air, which then is used to water the plants.

This new design can help farmers in areas where the lack of proper temperature and rainfall make it difficult to grow crops.

As the designers of the greenhouse explain on their website:

The greenhouse traps hot air and humidity during the heat of the day, creating a better atmosphere for plant growth and then at night, a rope can be pulled that opens up a latch at the top of the greenhouse that lets cool air in, eventually reaching the dew point and creating condensation. The water droplets are channeled into a collection cistern and can be used for drinking water or for irrigation. In times of rain, the design can also be used as a rainwater collector.

Roots Up plans to launch the project in areas of Ethiopia, where droughts are common and farming is difficult.

The video below shows a graphical representation of how the greenhouse works:

Source: [trueactivist]

RE Factor Wilderness Survival Card

Posted: June 26, 2015 in SWIG
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In this video we take the RE Factor Wilderness Survival Card that was a part of the June 2015 Man Can and put it to use. We have our special guests Scott Moore, a primitive weapons and survival expert and his two sons Clint and Dallas take a stab at creating some useful implements with the card.

ULTIMATE BugOut Bag Part I

Posted: April 19, 2015 in SWIG
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In this episode we cover the contents of my Bug Out Bag. This is a two part series.