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Methods of conquest range from overt or covert military confrontation to coup d’état by agents within the target government who intentionally lower standards of living to create the cover for a “color revolution”.

An assessment of the methods, corresponding counter-measures, and situation facing Russia in June 2015 is given by Evgeny Fedorov, Deputy of the State Duma and the coordinator of the National Liberation Movement for restoring sovereignty of Russia.

The American military machine is theater intended to effect orange invasions. Their mission (the American forces’) is not armed clashes with the enemy. Their mission is to be a demonstration for their own gangsters – from ISIS, from Al-Qaïda, Mojahedin and so on – that they are protected, that their leaders and aircraft, if necessary, can fly off to Washington. It’s giving them a kind of cover. Then they have air-strikes, missile strikes, and the navy, i.e. cover for the actions of the irregular invasion force, which is not them – not the Americans.

There have been purges: good people have been driven out; bad people have been appointed to the positions of ministers and bosses. The Americans have been conducting purges and they continue to do so now. We are particularly monitoring certain bench-mark indicators. For example – Ekaterinburg. The leadership of the educational institutions there is being purged. They are being purged in favor of people who will support a Maidan. Educational institutions are combat divisions of a Maidan. This is an important element, as the Americans view it.

Booby traps give a numerically inferior and under-equipped force a tool to inflict casualties while avoiding direct contact with superior enemy forces. This is especially useful in areas the enemy controls much of the time.

Even rumors of or the appearance of the existence of mines, booby traps or IED’s will often inflict significant psychological effects. This is true whether it be a small group trying to gauge whether or not it is worth the risk to loot or plan a home invasion, or enemy combatants. Suspecting booby traps in an area drastically changes SOP, planning, movement and morale because it will:

  • Deny access to key terrain objectives,
  • Degrade morale, crushing the enemies resolve and instilling fear in their ranks,
  • Slow movement, causing the enemy to slow movement or leave lines of drift altogether,
  • Rob the enemy of the element of surprise,
  • Buy time to escape or prepare defenses,
  • Can be very inexpensive,
  • Can be very low tech and improvised largely from resources in your environment,
  • Reveal enemy positions, patrols, ambushes, strategy and tactics,
  • Avoid direct contact with superior enemy forces,
  • They do not have to be lethal to be effective. Less-lethal booby traps will not kill your own people if they slip up, but still serve as a deterrent.
  • Inflict casualties, especially of a magnitude decreases unit combat effectiveness. When fighting groups of enemies, it is more effective to cause inflict casualties who need to transported to rear areas, removing multiple litter bearers from battle and requiring substantial treatment, care and medical supplies to treat.

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