Matrixology: The true and final goal of the Surveillance State

Posted: May 13, 2015 in Culture


“If you or I had a pot full of money and set out to help a community become more prosperous and self-sufficient, we could find a way. When big government steps in with its money, the objective is different—it’s to appear to help, while actually demeaning and reducing everything in sight…

“Ever wonder why so many law-enforcement types, government bureaucrats, and corporate worker bees are control freaks? Do you think it’s just the result of their job training? Think again. There is a selection process. The plan is for the new society to be run by massive numbers of little control freaks.

“…Predicting the future, based on current trends, leads us to some horrendous conclusions about the dystopia toward which we’re heading. But there is an upside. We can view the conflicts and the polarities with greater clarity. We can see, for example, what freedom means in a much deeper way. We can become more fierce defenders of that freedom. We can see what the stakes are. This view gives us power, if we want to take it.

“…Mind control is ultimately about inducing the sacrifice of freedom and power. And thus manufacturing a prison planet. People who register a blank look when the subject is their own freedom and power should understand that they are already operating under some form of conditioning. There is a paved-over spot in their consciousness, in their energy, in their desire, in their ambition.

Full Story @ [Jon Rappoport’s Blog]


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